The Writing Coach ~ launches today!!!

For over seven years I have facilitated many writing workshops, curated showcases, and have spoken at some of the largest universities all over the United States and Latin America. Over the years I have discovered that the support, encouragement and sacred space I have created and provided for many writers here in the New York City is expanding. I am expanding and growing. With that growth I am incredibly excited to officially launch the Alicia Anabel Santos, Writing Coach & Workshop Page.


I am branching out to areas where writers might feel that they are alone. What you will quickly learn is that you are never alone. I am a phone call, Skype, Google chat or face-to-face writing session away!

I hope that this announcement arrives in your life RIGHT ON TIME and in the moment you NEEDED IT MOST!

There is a story you were born to tell and I was born to get you there!

Writing requires a tremendous amount of trust… trust in your ability, trust in your characters, trust in your story and trust in yourself. I do not come at this task lightly, in fact, it it with a tremendous amount of respect, patience, love and humility that I will guide you! Take my hand… you don’t have to do this alone!

Let’s get to work!

Let’s get it done!

And so it is ~ With love,

Alicia Anabel~


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