When You’re Just Not Feelin’ It! ~ Ep. 353

When you just don't give a fck! Some days be like that. Some days everything seems to be going wrong. Some days are filled with crazy stress, we miss our train, we slip and fall, our lunch falls out of our bag and splatters everywhere... and we feel like saying FCK it... maybe today I… Continue reading When You’re Just Not Feelin’ It! ~ Ep. 353


Messy AF ~ Ep. 358 #thewriterandthestory

Some titles don't require a backstory! This one is for all my #writers out there who are messy AF. I don't just mean disorder, chaos and disarray. The mess that surrounds us externally and internally. #writingpodcast #podcast #thewriterandthestory #mywriterslife https://youtu.be/frqvpdz1UTM How will we clean up the mess? Writing prompts: The mess I must clean up… Continue reading Messy AF ~ Ep. 358 #thewriterandthestory

When the Writing is Crap ~ Ep. 359

Some days you just don't have the words. Some days you don't know how to enter the story or where you even want to begin. Sometimes we writers really struggle with trusting our voice! Even the crappy writing is part of the process. What do we do when we lose interest in our words and… Continue reading When the Writing is Crap ~ Ep. 359

A Writer’s Guilt ~ Ep. 361

New Year's Eve! Reflecting on the last day of the year and this idea of writer's guilt. Guilt has shown up for me in many ways, mothers guilt, daughters guilt, friends who I have allowed to make me feel guilty, and lovers guilt. I have felt this guilt about choosing my writing over spending time… Continue reading A Writer’s Guilt ~ Ep. 361

SU CASA FINAL PROJECT SFTA: The Third Act | Senior Citizen Stories

https://youtu.be/L4tu1sxfSHI For three years I have been awarded a SU CASA fellowship, an accomplishment I am proud of. In my residency I bring writing to senior citizens of the Bronx. For six months I met with the writers of the William Hodson Senior Citizen Center. This year’s Story for the Ages creative writing workshop was… Continue reading SU CASA FINAL PROJECT SFTA: The Third Act | Senior Citizen Stories

You Do Not Need Permission to Write ~ #writingworkshop

Good evening writers, Welcome to this year's WRITING FROM THE WOMB WORKSHOP. Images: Cora Foxx/Bustle; Giphy (6) I can not begin to describe how excited I am about this round of Writing from the Womb. Every year when I design a syllabus and workshop I connect it to what I believe we need at “that”… Continue reading You Do Not Need Permission to Write ~ #writingworkshop

Writing from the Womb Spring 2019 ~ The Joy of Writing!

When you introduce yourself do you say you are a writer/poet first or do you say you are a professor, teaching artist, social worker, or mother? The answer to this question is telling because it reveals to us where we have placed the writer in us. Choose one you relate closest to: I see my… Continue reading Writing from the Womb Spring 2019 ~ The Joy of Writing!

REGISTRATION OPEN: Sankofa Sisterhood turns five!

We are overjoyed to organize the 5th Annual Sankofa Sisterhood Writers Retreat to be held once again in the Catskill Mountains, NY This year’s theme is: The Writer’s Journey for Survival:   Connecting to Wellness and Moving Towards Wholeness May 24 - May 27, 2019 This past year has been filled with constant aggression towards women… Continue reading REGISTRATION OPEN: Sankofa Sisterhood turns five!

SUCASA Graduating Class of 2018 #bronxwriters #storyfortheages

I really enjoy working with senior citizens. One of the things they always say to me is that they “love these workshops” they tell me, “we feel heard.” They have also shared how they appreciate “going down memory lane.” This is a community of writers who need programming like this. I believe that writing and… Continue reading SUCASA Graduating Class of 2018 #bronxwriters #storyfortheages