Raising Conciousness! Knowing your roots! #unllamado

WOW!!! You all are amazing! What a fantastic conversation from marrying up to its roots in colonialism. Some highlights of the many were:

“US had the one drop rule: one drop of black and you were an outcast. Latin America: one drop of white means higher social class.” @Latinegro

“the black liberation movement in the United States aided in U.S. Afrolatinos affirming ‘black is beautiful.” @YnannaRising

Using the term ‘black’, @GMARC3 says, Lo aceptaria como algo que define mi color de piel, como lo haria si fuera rosa. Pero no como sinonimo de mi nombre.”

“We have to learn how to love ourselves some of us still don’t know how to do that from years of trauma.” @dameluuzz

“I also blame the media for defining beauty. Let me know when Telemundo and Univsion start putting Afro Latinos in novelas.” @Latinegro

$1125 raised so far! You all are amazing! Everyday we are getting closer to our goal and closer to making our hard work a reality!


If you were a part of our Twitter Party last night it was a MAJOR SUCCESS! We reached over 3 million people and were a trending topic for the hour! Shout out to everyone that participated! We even got shout outs and support from actress Rosario Dawson and actor Laz Alonso.

We’re nearing the 30 day mark and really want to hit the ground running. Currently we’re looking for angel sponsors or collaborators who are interested in helping us organize fundraising events in May. We’re open to any suggestion or idea you may have so if you’re interested let us know!

Contact us at: alicia@creadorpictures.tv

We’re almost there! Together we can make history happen!

Thank you again to all those who participated last night on our twitter conversation last night. Mark your calendars our next party is scheduled for Monday, May 6th at 9pm. #ULLAMADO

Please follow us on twitter, tumblr and facebook.

We can’t do this with you. Please spread the word about our #UNLLAMADO campaign, sign our petition and change.org with your help we will reach our goal!

In solidarity,


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