Finding Your Force ~ Chapter 3 #audiobook #memoir

I decided that this would be the year I would be the most creative I’ve ever been. I wanted to share a gift… for you my audiobook FREE. With love, Iyawó

Excerpt: “I wanted you to grow up in a home where you felt loved every single day. I wanted you to grow up knowing that no one was more important to me than you. I made you a new promise. When I left your father I vowed to be committed and dedicated myself to loving you with everything that I am. I vowed to tell you everyday how amazing and beautiful you are. I was dedicated to learning how to love myself as deeply as I love you.” Read by: Alicia Anabel Santos

Finding Your Force A Journey to Love is a memoir written in the form of a love letter from a mother to a daughter. Santos is being called on an excavation to stop running and face those moments that have transformed her. This is a journey about life, death and rebirth. Alicia tells her daughter a story that is raw and heart wrenching. It is not a love story but definitely a story of love.

Available on SoundCloud: Finding Your Force A Journey to Love ~ Chapter 3 (Pt. 1) by Alicia Anabel Santos #audiobooks #audiobook #podiobooks #podcast #mothers #daughters #memoir #writing

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