Open Mic & Reading today @ 3PM EST

For the past eight weeks my students have been writing through the noise, through illness, through pandemic and through imposter syndrome. They are brave. They are vulnerable. They have been honoring the ancestors and our cultures. Preserving history. Laughing and crying. They are writing beautiful stories and poetry. While we intended to have a huge party to celebrate the close to 200,000 words collectively written from this group of dope ass writers of Writing from the Womb at our last class we thought today would be a great day to celebrate each other. We hope you will join us for a special reading of the WFW Winter/spring 2020 session today Sunday, April 5th at 3:00PM EST. RSVP LINK below.

A special shout out to @angysgotit @dominicanwriters THANK YOU for making this workshop possible you won’t believe the magic that has happened in this group. And our home @wordupbooks thank you for allowing us a safe space to create. 🙏🏾


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