Nepal Trip ~ Day 26: In the eyes, heart and soul of the hawk… and Reflection


Today a hawk and I made eye contact. She sat on the tip of the mountain with the most piercing honey brown eyes. I could see the black in the dead center of her pupils and was lost in them. She spoke in a language only I was able to understand.

She was still. She didn’t move. There was a calmness about her, a certainty and assuredness in her position. She knew I would make NO moves to attempt to hurt her… I respect her too much.

I too remained still, my breathing quiet and controlled. We were both silent. My position was also confidant.

Our glances spoke for us. As we both were still, staring into each other, I found myself falling into her soul. In that moment I was overwhelmed by this feeling of peace washing over me. I didn’t want to blink.. I was cautious to not break our gaze.

What I understood from our brief encounter was that she came to remind me to not be afraid. I need not fear her. She is not here to hurt me. She was not here to warn me. She came to me as one of my spirit guides. She is here with a message… with a lesson. She wants me to really listen and recognize the messages she brought to me. She came to remind me to stay calm no matter what is happening around me.

The ground beneath my feet feels like its crumbling, yet I am reminded to remain steady. The hawk reminded me today that she has never left my side and will never leave me. She is calling me to listen, to listen with my heart and to stay calm.


I injured myself today. I ripped open my hand during todays trek. I crashed into the side of the mountain tearing my gloves and ripped open my skin. The cut is deep and the blood plenty. It was a branch that I did not see. I am surprisingly calm even though I am in pain. Bhanupriya came to my aid and cleaned the bruise. She told me that It is good luck to get injured on Makalu.

“Tearing your skin is a shedding of what no longer serves you. There is symbolism on the part of the body where you get injured during your time on the mountain. It is not a coincidence that you cut open the palm of your right hand. That is the hand that is very important to you as a writer. You are being prepared. Your hand is being prepared. You are being called to continue this journey although you are injured and your palm is in excruciating pain. You are being made stronger. You are shedding the old skin and being readied for new. A fresh start… new ideas to be created.

Today I am meditating on outgrowing my skin and the new me that is being created.

We are halfway down this mountain and I am calm. I am steady. I am receptive. This visit today and my injury were incredibly important for my life and I am listening.

And so it is. Namaste. Aché

With all my love,

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