Writing in Costa Rica

People are so kind! People are so generous! After returning from the most amazing writers retreat in Galveston,Texas I received an email from my old professor that there was space for me at her writers retreat in Costa Rica! I couldn’t believe what I was reading. 
I met my mentor at New York University in 2005. It was the first time I read literature written by women of color! The course was titled, 20th Century Women Writers. In her class through the stories we read, I traveled to India, Africa, and Chile. During that time she never knew I was in a sea of depression or why I unable to complete her course. 

Over the years Dr. Natasha Gordon-Chipembere has remained incredibly supportive of me as well as my projects. She has become a mentor and someone I love, respect and admire greatly. Her teaching style has informed my understanding and appreciation of women, culture and history. 

In 2007, I published my first feature in Urban Latino Magazine and Dr. Gordon-Chipembere was one of my first interviews. The story, Two Cultures Marching to One Drum (to read article: http://bit.ly/1OQFFWC) would take me on a journey throughout Latin America were I would spend seven years writing about Afrolatinos.

My professor has sinced moved to Costa Rica (a leap of faith) as only risk takers could do and launched an amazing writers retreat. I am excited to share that I have been selected to participate in the Tengo Sed Writers Retreat in Costa Rica!   

With your help I leave for Costa Rica on January 7, 2016. –read more

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