FYF ~ Chapter 27 (Pt. 3): What Has It’s Hold On Us? #FYFLove #audiobook

I kept feeling like something was keeping me from writing today. I believed that everything that was happening to me was trying to get in my way. There was something pushing me away from what was important to me like my WRITING. There was something interfering or intervening in my process. I believed that I somehow was the one in control. I felt like I was being tested. I definitely felt like my patience and peacefulness was being tried. As far as I was concerned my day wasn’t going according to MY plan. I released all those thoughts that I believed were stopping me. I released my belief that I was being intentionally delayed. I removed all sabotaging thoughts. Something else was slowing me down. There was something greater happening. All of it was part of a bigger plan if I only I stopped to BELIEVE!

Finding Your Force A Journey To Love, CHAP 27 (pt. 3) is available on SoundCloud.

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