It’s all about love, Yo ~ a night at the theatre

Welcome to my directorial debut of BROOKLYN QUARTET a new play written by Rock WILK.


“There are no songs in BROOKLYN QUARTET, but I hope it reads like a symphony, like a beautifully tragic opera, like Miles soloing over My Funny Valentine, like Keith Jarrett floating furiously in stream of consciousness improvisation, like a beautiful love story that is drowned in reality, dark like a night filled with a million stars and storms and it feels beautiful but just a little bit dangerous, and sad, and angry, and friendship, and loyalty, and narcissism, and trust, and pure, vast like the ocean, unadulterated love. I hope it reads like that.”-Rock WILK

It would be my honor to have you join me for this momentous evening. This is a staged reading unlike anything you have ever experienced. This is a story worthy of Broadway. Brooklyn Quartet is a story about the world we live in and the real people that live in it.

Here is why you should come — check out our interview on–featured-interviews/brooklyn-quartet


It has been my privilege to spend the past month rehearsing with this group of professional artists who have given everything. They each have brought a tremendous amount of intensity, motivation, dedication and passion to this work. And this is what great theatre is, it is the place where life becomes art and art becomes life. Every once in a while a story is born that makes you question everything that is wrong with the world but more importantly celebrates all that is right with the world.

“It’s all about love, Yo. And so this is my prayer, my leap of faith that can never die, because love never really does, love never really dies, love never leaves, and time never waits for anyone.” ~ Brooklyn Quartet

See more at: and to RSVP.

Brooklyn Quartet Staged reading:
Monday, February 3, 2014 @ 8:00PM
Medicine Show Theatre
549 W 52nd Street, 3rd Floor (close to 11th Ave.)

Staged reading of Brooklyn Quartet, as ensemble, featuring Amirah Vann. David Roberts, LaChrisha Brown and Rock WILK, directed by Alicia Anabel Santos

See you at the theatre!


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