Nepal Trip ~ Day 49: Just Trust!

Trust in your ability!

Trust your voice!

Trust your skills!

Trust that you are ready!

Trust that you have done the work!

Today I wake up free.

The air smells a little bit different like pink cotton candy on the most beautiful day at the best carnival.

My focus feels different and my direction clear. I am centered and determined. There are no obstacles or obstructions. For the first time in my life there is nothing in my way. Today the path is clear and I am ready. I am prosperous and filled with joy. I am abundant and creative. The day is bright and filled not just with possibility today is filled with something better than hope. I just climbed one of the greatest mountains. And yes it was terrifying. I was ill on the mountain. I was worried on the mountain. I could barely breathe on the mountain. My chest was tight on more than one occasion on the mountain. Many times I believed that I would not make it. Yet I DID make it and these women never let me fall!



Today I am packing. I am ready to go home. I have everything I need. I will miss these women terribly but I will keep them near.

And so it is. Namaste. Aché

With all my love,

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4 thoughts on “Nepal Trip ~ Day 49: Just Trust!

  1. I hope I can trust myself for as long as forever :/ bcs I seem to have failed badly at it. I don’t know why I am always left with doubts and doubts and doubts and doubts. And the insecurities and the unworthiness I feel for myself only makes things worse.. Thanks for this though! I am sure it has helped many others! Maybe they are too shy to admit it but hey! You deserve to know about it.

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