IN MY VOICE! Goes live in…

There is a craving, an aching, a deep desire to find a place… a space where we can just be FREE. Whatever freedom means to us. We all want a place where we can be heard! Where we don’t have to apologize, explain or justify who we are! We have been looking for that place were we don’t have to translate, acculturate, domesticate and be what society say’s a womyn ought to BE!

Here we say what we want to say! We say what we need to say! The unsensored! The raw! Our truth! Our art! Our words!

THANK YOU! Thank you for answering this call!

Thank you to the many writers/artists who have submitted to IN MY VOICE. We are still accepting submissions and will be for the remainder of 2014.

Your responses have been amazing! The work that is coming in is stellar… absolutely impressive! The world ain’t ready!

Just based on the six word pitches that are coming in we are honored! These womyn are BADASS!

For the newbie artists/writers please don’t be intimidated… please submit! Know that here you are welcome! Know that in this space… IN MY VOICE is about your voice. It matters not that you are an artist with 40+ years experience or one who has picked up the pen/paint brush yesterday! You have a voice! And we want to not only hear it but celebrate it.

So with that…

GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!” In my best Robin Williams voice.

We are thrilled to announce that TODAY is the official launch of IN MY VOICE!

Stay tuned…

First post goes live in a few hours!!! To learn how to submit to IN MY VOICE!

Can I get a “HELL YEAH!!!”

IN MY VOICE sisterhood

© 2014 Alicia Anabel Santos. All Rights Reserved.

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