Searching for Latina, Latinx, Latin@ Narratives! #dearagent

Commit To Your Writing!

This year the New York City Latina Writers Group will be celebrating TEN years as an organization and writing community. There is so much I want to say about that, and I will at a later date.

I want to formally announce that WENDY ANGULO has been named the NYC Latina Writers Group, Program Director. In her role, Angulo will be instrumental in working alongside me to develop programs. We will be searching for writing opportunities for the members of our group. We are moving forward and have amazing surprises in the works.

I have watched this group grow over the years!

Like birds discovering their wings for the first time, our writers have come and gone!

I have watched in awe as writers discover their voices…

I have seen new blogs created, books published, chap-books written, screenplays/plays written, many projects started… and while it has been incredible to watch it isn’t nearly enough.

We aren’t pushing ourselves enough!
We aren’t supporting each other enough!
We aren’t writing or publishing nearly enough!

When will you believe that you were born to write, that you matter, and that your story is important?

This year we are starting the year differently. If you are serious about your writing join us. If you aren’t you are always welcome, however workshops are for writers serious about completing work. Spread the word! You might have someone close to you that has an important story they want to get out of their bodies.

Our first writing workshop will be held:

Sunday, February, 21, 2016
1:45pm – 4:00pm (NO LATECOMERS)
Fee: $5.00 (rental space)
Max: 10 committed writers
RSVP – first TEN WRITERS ARE IN THE WORKSHOP (please check your calendars before rsvp’g) others will be placed on the waitlist.


What to prepare for workshop:
* Bring 7 pages of a work in progress (7 double spaced pages, times new roman, 12 size font).
*Bring 12 photocopies.
*We will be reading our work aloud, providing feedback and suggestions. If there is time we will begin re-writes.
*Bring a snack and beverage.
For more information or to join the NYC Latina Writers Group visit our Facebook.

We look forward to seeing you!

Wendy & Alicia

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