Unwavering Beliefs… Who are you rooting for?

What do we believe? Today I read from my journal… “when we are filled with self-doubt. They are better than us! They deserve better than me! We don’t believe we are worthy. We don’t believe we are good enough. And the thing is… our kids feel the same. They do not believe they are worthy. They do not believe they are good enough. They do not believe that they matter. When they look up at us, they don’t see someone worthless. They see someone they aspire to be. They see the little brown and black girl in us going for it. It helps them see a different truth. It inspires them to want more.” from the #afrolatinadiary.

In this episode I also talk about this idea of rooting for one another! There are those who don’t want us to win!!! But I know you can get to the finish line. I am rooting for you.

Unwavering Beliefs… Who are you rooting for?  ~ Ep. 52
Watch on youtube: https://youtu.be/BHkxOD0kz8w

Have a beautiful day!

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