Strengthening the Writer’s Core Through Movement! #writersretreat #woc


We are thrilled to announce that registration is officially opened for the 4th Annual Sankofa Sisterhood Writers’ Retreat taking place in the Catskills, New York, Friday, May 25th through Monday, May 28th 2018.

This year’s theme is:

Strengthening the Writer’s Core Through Movement!

We are excited about this year’s theme because the emphasis for our retreat is centered on movement. Our craft urges us to stay in the chair and many of us can stay seated for hours, but what if this isn’t serving our work? This year we explore different ways to feed the artist and nourish the writer. STRENGTHENING THE WRITER’S CORE is about building stamina, endurance and connecting to inspiration that surrounds us. This year we are exploring and defining for ourselves what strengthening our core means to us personally. What does it mean to have a strong center? A “strong core” is a dance term. Every dancer with excellent technique has a strong core. This means that they have intense control of their body, and strengthening this core takes time. How can we apply this concept of a “strong writer’s core” to our practice? How are we taking care of our bodies? How are we coming to page? How are we seated at our desk? Strengthening the Writer’s Core is all about fortifying the internal nucleus which has effects on the external body. Every year we have a keynote writer, writing workshops and personal writing time; this year we are adding movement to the agenda. We will dance, meditate, hike and commune and move in nature, surrounded by women writers of color. There is no better way to pamper ourselves. Once again we have the amazing Ysanet Batista of WOKE FOODS, who will provide us with “mindful eating and ancestral foods”  that will keep us in a healthy creative flow. This year as we strengthen our writers core we will be clearing space, getting physical, and finding inspiration we can bring back that will aid us in living as stronger writers.


Women of Color.

Writers who need time and space to write.

Women who need a break to nourish their creativity, body, mind and soul.

Writers who have works they would like to complete.

Women seeking the support and encouragement of “writing in community.”

To register please complete the SSWR Questionnaire: Click LINK

COMPLETE QUESTIONNAIRE: please RSVP, make payment and send writing sample in a word or PDF document via email to

NOTE: Required writing sample:

Your writing sample can be a combination of poetry and prose, short excerpts of a larger piece, published or unpublished work. It should be from THREE to FIVE pages, double spaced, Times New Roman font, size 12 font, and double spaced.


RETREAT FEE: $500 / $550 includes meals, room and workshops


Writers who pay in full are eligible for first come-first serve bedroom selections. If you know that you are coming with another writer at the time of registration please let your organizers know that you want to room together. PAYMENT MUST BE MADE IN FULL!

There are only (9) spots available this year. Payments can be made through zelle, quick pay or paypal:

PAYPAL Fee: *If using paypal please add 2.9%*

REGISTRATION– $100 Non Refundable deposit due by March 1st.


Non-refundable deposit of $100 to hold your spot is due upon registration.

OPTION 1: Payment in full $400.00 (+$50 refundable insurance deposit) due April 27th.

OPTION 2: Payment plan – 4 payments of $100.00 (+$50 refundable insurance deposit) – -(4) payments of $100 due March 16th , March 30th, April 13th, April 27th.

Saturday & Sunday DAY PASSES: $150.00 per day (includes meals and workshops)


March 1st – RSVP CLOSES

March (16, 30) April (13, 27th) – PAYMENT PLAN DUE DATES

April 27th, 2018 ALL Payments Due

May 15th, 2018 Day pass payments due


Full refund (minus the $100 deposit) by April 27th , 2018

NO REFUNDS after April 27th, 2018.  You can refill your spot with an eligible candidate who fills out the application and registers, including paying the $100 deposit.


Bedroom 1 – shared double / shared beds / sleeps 4 people – $450.00pp + $50 refundable deposit.   

Bedroom 2 – triple single beds (1 bunk bed) sleeps 3 people – $500.00pp + $50 refundable deposit.

Bedroom 3 – double single beds / sleeps 2 people – $500pp + $50 deposit.

We look forward to hosting an amazing weekend filled with creativity, nourishment, inspiration and productivity!


Sankofa Sisterhood Organizers


Photo credit: Katia Ruiz

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